The PLAY DOCTOR website – – was launched in the Spring of 1999, purely as an opportunity for a new web designer to have a project on which to develop her skills. At the time, “PLAY DOCTOR” was merely a personal interest of one individual that had expanded beyond that of a typical “hobby”; there were five PLAY DOCTOR videos that had largely been marketed for sale through Internet newsgroups and a referral network. In essence PLAY DOCTOR and the website was a part-time venture and certainly not created to be a revenue generating enterprise. Within several months, activity at the website had reached a level that far exceeded the maximum bandwidth allowed by the domain host for the nominal monthly fee; the PLAY DOCTOR website was now costing upwards of $500 per month! This was not the original intention.

In September of 1999, the ADULT CHECK Adult Verification Service (AVS) was used in an attempt to limit the number of visitors to the site who were simply “surfing” the Internet for free material. At this point, the intention of the PLAY DOCTOR website was defined: 1) provide a website for original PLAY DOCTOR medical fetish material (stories, videos, pictures); 2) distribute PLAY DOCTOR videos, picture sets, and other products (such as medical equipment to be used for play); 3) allow curious or experienced medical fetishists to schedule a real-time appointment to experience a medical fetish scenario. It was believed that the affiliation with ADULT CHECK would limit the number of visitors who were unwilling to pay to view medical fetish material and increase the website’s exposure as a result of being one of many websites that the AVS subscriber could access.

The possibility that there would be substantial revenue generated as a result of being affiliated with the AVS was not given serious consideration. Nonetheless, after the first month of operating under the AVS veil, the PLAY DOCTOR website had generated $462 in subscription sales revenue. Over the next year, subscription sales revenue would continue at this level – with some months being more and some months being less – such that the first year revenue from subscription sales was $5,756, an average of $480 per month. In addition, there was increased exposure to the website and an increased level of video, photo set, and product sales. PLAY DOCTOR was more than pleased with this unexpected level of performance and, continuing as a part-time entity the annual revenue from subscription sales through the ADULT CHECK network was:

1990 $ 1,890 – a 4-month operating period  
2000 $ 5,330  
2001 $ 2,921  
2002 $ 4,313  
2003 $ 5,172  
Total $19,622 – an average of $377 per month  
(Note: ALL subscription sales revenue is stated as net to PLAY DOCTOR)
  At the 2003 year-end, ADULT CHECK announced a change in operating and revenue distribution policy that would not be beneficial to “small” websites such as PLAY DOCTOR. This was demonstrated over the next several months when there was no revenue from subscription sales although subscription levels were historically maintained! PLAY DOCTOR was disassociated with ADULT CHECK and, as had occurred in the past, the cost for web hosting without the filter of an AVS became exorbitant.

In April of 2004, the PLAY DOCTOR website became a membership site and used VEROTEL to accept payment through various methods (although experience showed that about 90% of the members paid using a credit card).

Website membership sales during the first full month of operations (May 2004) generated $250 – net of the 15%+ service fee assessed by VEROTEL. Membership sales revenue during the 14½ months that the PLAY DOCTOR website billed through VEROTEL was more than consistent with and, in fact, improved by 24.4%, over subscription sales revenue experienced when associated with ADULT CHECK:
2004 $ 3,876 – an 8½-month period
2005 $ 2,918 – a 6-month period
Total $ 6,794 – an average of $469 per month
(Note: Several attempts by “hackers” impaired the website’s membership sales revenue;
however, the impact was primarily a steep spike in activity level and an estimated 50%
reduction in membership sales revenue during the period when hacking occurred)



Historical data from the website’s inception is no longer available; however, the past year’s data is available and certainly more relative to the website’s current level of activity. During the twelve months ended June 30, 2005, the PLAY DOCTOR website had 884,470 site visitations – an average of 73,706 per month. Site visitations peaked sharply during the months of April ’05 and May ’05 to 276,345 and 158,740 respectively and these are the months when “hacking” was strongly suspected. Removing this data from the year’s total, the average monthly site visitation is 44,939 with a range of 30,589 [October ‘04] to 56,662 [November ‘04]. In the last month – June ’05 – there were 39,038 site visitations. There is a reasonable positive correlation between site visitations and membership sales revenue (r = .7868 when April ’05 and May ’05 are removed from the data).


During the period when the site was “protected” by ADULT CHECK, membership was generally $21.95 per month with approximately $10.95 being returned to the website. Accordingly, during any one month, the website could have an average of 34 new members entitling them to access the PLAY DOCTOR website and all sites (several thousand) protected by ADULT CHECK. When the ADULT CHECK relationship was terminated and the site became a sole membership site billed through VEROTEL, there was a two-tier pricing schedule - $9.95 for seven days of access or $19.95 for 30 days of access. On average, 67% of members elected the $19.95 option. Therefore, for any particular month (on average), there were 37 membership billings.

It is interesting to note – and can not be specifically determined as to why – that there appears to be very little change in the membership level (34 vs. 37) regardless of whether an individual benefits from access to multiple websites or is limited to accessing one particular website (i.e., PLAY DOCTOR) for the same expense. Alternately, could the question be asked, “Did the $9.95 pricing tier attract members who otherwise would not have joined?” This is a question that will remain unanswered as of this time. Another observation is that the individual who subscribes/d to website does not appear to be interested in media in a permanent format (such as videotape or CD). This observation is made based on the fact that, even though website members were offered a discount (to the extent the discount offset the cost of website membership) on PLAY DOCTOR videos and/or CD photo sets, very few members took advantage of this. Further, individuals who purchased PLAY DOCTOR videos and/or photo sets did not become or were generally not members of the PLAY DOCTOR website. PLAY DOCTOR can only conclude that “price” is not a determining factor.


Due to a number of factors, with changing and more stringent governmental regulations being paramount, the decision was made to terminate PLAY DOCTOR as an operating entity and the associated PLAY DOCTOR website, effective July 10, 2005. Nonetheless, the past six years of website history, preceded by two additional years of “passive” history, have clearly demonstrated that there is an interest in properly produced medical fetish material(s). In addition to the AVS & membership revenue of $26,416 that PLAY DOCTOR has generated, there has been $42,668 in revenue (before expenses) generated through video and picture set sales since the Spring of 1997. Net Income from all PLAY DOCTOR activity is $38,702.


The stated amount of Net Income is considered to be substantial for an entity that evolved from one individual’s interest in medical fetish. Further, this entity was not formally established and was operated on a “part-time” basis – at best. Given the foregoing, in essence, the PLAY DOCTOR website is a going concern despite its current terminated status; more importantly, the website address of generates a sufficient activity level such that it has value to an entity with similar purpose. For that reason, the domain name will be maintained for a period of not less than five (5) years unless a reasonable business proposal is presented to alter this decision to the contrary.

Given the foregoing, and based on the past 14½ months of website membership revenue – at an average of $469 per month – the sole value of the PLAY DOCTOR website domain name is calculated to be:



This valuation does not include the rights to or possession of any of the PLAY DOCTOR videos, photo sets, written material or any other tangible or non-tangible item(s) associated with PLAY DOCTOR.




All models on our site are 18 years of age or older. PLAY DOCTOR fully complies with the 18 USC 2257 requirement.