PLAY DOCTOR VIDEO - How did it all get started?
A history and explanation.

- As told to Stanley Zimblatt, Esq.

Of course, PLAY DOCTOR has been a medical fetishist for many years, being identified long before the onset of adulthood. Over the years, his interests became more specific and his collection of materials (printed text & pictures, 8mm film, and VHS tape) grew quite extensively. The problem was that none of it completely satisfied his interests. By 1990, he had accumulated several hours of video that were accumulations of his favorite scenes from many other videos, but, even this was lacking. As the availability and popularity of the Internet increased, PLAY DOCTOR became even more exposed and he was able to arrange meetings with people of similar interests whereby he was able to "play doctor" more frequently. With some people, he was able to capture the experience on 35mm film or VHS tape and so his personal preference collection was started.

In April of 1997, Play Doctor was traveling in the southwest United States and he was supposed to meet up with a friend to "play doctor" and create a video for their personal enjoyment. As the designated weekend approached, the meeting with that friend never materialized but Play Doctor was, nonetheless, prepared to make a video. He had been reading the local underground newspapers and an advertisement caught his attention: "Quality At Its Finest - Specializing in Fantasies, Fetishes, Role Playing, Domination, Erotic Toys, or Whatever Comes To Mind - Voted # 1 Outcall Service - Serious Inquiries Only." It sounded just like what Play Doctor had in mind so he dialed the number and explained exactly what he wanted to do and the kind of girl he was looking for. In about an hour, "Gina" showed up, and HOUSECALL was made (after checking her identification and verifying that she was over 18 years old, of course). She was lots of fun and easy to work with, anal receptive if not even anal erotic (but she never had an enema), and - to this day - Play Doctor says this is his favorite video. Produced on April 20, 1997 Housecall sold 69 copies at an average price of $79.00; expenses were $1,121 and net profit was $4,330.

About two weeks later, Play Doctor had identified a "scene room" for rent that looked just like a doctor's exam room. "That would be perfect!", he thought. He contacted Gina to see if she would be interested in getting together again and, sure enough, she was. About an hour before it was time to meet Gina at the scene room, Play Doctor got a call from Gina's friend. She told him that Gina had been in an accident but that she (her friend) had spoken to Gina, knew what was needed, and that she would be interested in keeping the appointment. So, Play Doctor kept the appointment and met Gina's friend, Ashley at the scene room. Her ID was checked and she was certainly older than 18. Although Ashley wasn't Gina - she was a bit more reserved but still anal erotic (and wanted $200 more), Exam Room was produced on May 5, 1997. It has sold 101 copies at an average price of $79.18; expenses were $2,254 and net profit was $5,743.

Initially, Play Doctor sold the videos through the Internet newsgroups, chat rooms, and word of mouth. For something that was done primarily to satisfy his own interests, he became amazed at the number of people with similar interests . . . and, similar frustrations. People who bought Play Doctor Videos liked what they saw! They were also willing to pay the $75-$100 price for quality medical fetish material. After all, that's what Beth Tyler and other BDSM/Fetish producers were charging and it was a specialty niche market product. Play Doctor thought that maybe he should make another video - this time with every intention of producing a quality medical fetish video! Given the cost to produce the video(s), and to accumulate profit for future productions, Play Doctor felt that purchasers were not just buying a video; they were actually buying a share in the production!

Over the years, Play Doctor had made the acquaintance of Lady Ashley Pierce, a professional Mistress and Dominatrix. She had a fully equipped and very adequate "medical" room and Play Doctor had visited her on several occasions. She understood the fetish and she played it out well! By her own admission, it was one of her favorites. Play Doctor discussed with her the possibility of making a "male doctor/female nurse, female patient" exam video and she was very interested; she even had a friend who would be the patient. Play Doctor had also made friends with a person who shared the same interests (initially, a purchaser of Play Doctor Videos) and who was able to operate the video camera. No longer would the video camera sit on a tripod and be adjusted by Play Doctor as the scene required; "Dr. Rick" would be the cameraman. The date was set and, on November 6, 1998, Visit to the Gynecologist was produced. It was the # 1 BESTSELLING Play Doctor Video! 103 copies were sold at an average price of $77.23; expenses were $4,076 and net profit was $3,879.

In the Spring of 1999, Play Doctor was contacted by a female, "Linda", in the San Francisco area (who had an interest in medical fetish and especially enemas) suggesting that he have a website. They got to discussing the idea, and the fact that Play Doctor had no interest in learning how to develop and maintain a website, although he thought it was a good idea. She offered to develop the website for him and he let her try it - providing her with some material and figuring that was the last of her. Well, he was wrong. A few days later, she contacted him and gave him an address where he could look at the "beta-version" PLAY DOCTOR website. He really liked it and - long story short - they formed a relationship and the PLAY DOCTOR website ( as it previously existed - was born! Over several months, the popularity grew to such an extent that it was costing Play Doctor $500 - $1,000 per month to have the website hosted. It was at that time September, 1999 - that Play Doctor decided to have ADULT CHECK be the Adult Verification Service (AVS) for the website. Video sales increased, the cost of having the website hosted decreased, and Play Doctor made about $400 per month from the AVS (until ADULT CHECK got greedy in December, 2002). The compulsive masturbators and freeloaders were doing nothing but costing Play Doctor money. In January, 2001 Play Doctor had to located a new webmaster because Linda had encountered some personal problems and was no longer able to work on the website. Through Internet newsgroups, Play Doctor put out an appeal and "interviewed" various people who responded. Ultimately, Harvey (from offshore) was selected and he did a fine job of maintaining the website through December, 2003.

In the Spring of 1999, Play Doctor decided to try a little experiment and test out the male-to-male medical fetish market. He had made the acquaintance of "Dr. Marc" who ran the Fantasy Hospital. The unique thing about Dr. Marc and the Fantasy Hospital is that it is an authentically reproduced hospital room and procedures suite and Dr. Marc is a trained medical professional able to administer sedation and perform procedures such as catheterization and sigmoidoscopy. Teaming up with Dr. Marc and, with Dr. Rick at the camera, Mr. Lee Visits the Clinic was produced on April 10, 1999. Expense was minimal and profit was split three ways. There were 54 copies sold at an average price of $86.06; expense was $678 and net profit was $3,969.

Shortly thereafter, Play Doctor again teamed up with Lady Ashley Pierce to produce an "instructional video" about the various ways to measure body temperature - followed by the cameraman getting caught masturbating and being disciplined in the exam room by the Nurse - Lady Ashley Pierce. Nurse Takes Her Temperature was produced on July 23, 1999 at a cost of $1,619. 45 copies were sold at an average price of $51.91, so net profit was $717. Play Doctor thought that this was a pretty "hot" video but, apparently, the market did not agree. "Nurse Ashley is sooo sensuous and sexy . . .", Play Doctor says.

While video sales continued month after month, and website revenue from the AVS was a steady source of cash, Play Doctor was thinking about the next video possibility. In the bleak mid-winter, he was talking to Lady Ashley Pierce and the idea of creating a sequel to the Mr. Lee video was discussed. Dr. Rick was available to do the videography, sales had been good enough to support funding another video, so - teaming up with Lady Ashley Pierce once again - Mr. Lee & The Nurse was produced on February 14, 2000 to show the sequel/follow-up visit. Expense was $2,454 and 47 copies of the video were sold at an average price of $76.94; net profit was $1,163.

Several months later, Play Doctor was in a YAHOO! chat room (which he says is mostly a waste of time) when he asked a female user whether she had any interest in being in a PLAY DOCTOR medical fetish video. As it turned out, she had done some B&D work and she was very curious about "medical", including getting an enema which she never had. Play Doctor thought that, like most chats, this would go nowhere but the communication continued and a date was set to rendezvous at a convenient location for Play Doctor, Dr. Rick, and . . . Samantha. Everything went as planned (and Samantha's ID was checked and her age verified - she's a mommy!) and Samantha was given her First Exam & First Enema, the title of the seventh PLAY DOCTOR video. The production date was June 15, 2000 at a cost of $1,823; 48 copies of the video were sold at an average price of $74.53 with a net profit of $1,751.

Then, for two years, there was a dry spell and Play Doctor was unable to secure models for photo or video work despite all of his best efforts. A site for models surfaced - One Model Place - and that turned up nothing, in fact, they eventually banned Play Doctor from being a member. Play Doctor contacted them but they arrogantly and ignorantly refused any discussion. Play Doctor continued to search model groups and websites in search of female models interested in doing medical fetish photo/video work. He became very frustrated knowing that they had to be out there; they were doing "worse things" involving being beaten and even urinated upon! At last, he received a reply from a female who was interested in something for her and her friend. She couldn't travel, but her metro NYC location could be accommodated and Play Doctor and Dr. Rick rendezvoused at her apartment in the Bronx. On July 3, 2002 Two Girls Play Doctor was produced - in sweltering heat - in a third floor apartment with an overworked and under-powered window air conditioner (of course, only after Ids were checked and ages weer verified to be over 18). Although both girls were a bit giggly - and the one who played the part of the patient turned out to be hesitant to vaginal or anal insertions - they managed to get some good footage and a reasonable video at a cost of $3,301! The market for girl/girl medical fetish video is not as strong as Play Doctor thought with just 42 copies of the video being sold at an average price of $59.87; net loss of $786.32.

Even though Play Doctor was a bit discouraged, he kept trying to figure out "the secret". One day, however, Play Doctor received inquiry from a female who had done a bit of bondage and fetish modeling and she was very curious about medical fetish. Play Doctor arranged to meet her and they "played doctor" for several hours. Following that session, they stayed in contact until she was ready to explore her curiosities again. This time, they would do a video (but, unfortunately, Dr. Rick was not able to be there to film it) and Curious Nurse was produced on December 3, 2002 (after verifying from their previous meeting that she was over 18) to include her getting her very first enema, too (and showing the expulsion)! This was not a video for everybody, but there were 23 copies of the video sold at an average price of $66.25. Expenses were $1,090; net profit for this production was $433.

Play Doctor had become frustrated trying to produce medical fetish videos outside of an exam room. Strong sales from Exam Room and Visit to the Gynecologist had shown him that the market responded best to: 1) Male doctor/female patient scenarios; 2) in a medical setting. He began looking for an opportunity to secure an exam room, either on a part-time basis or in a situation that he controlled exclusively such as owning a building. He began to look for investment real estate when it seemed that he could not rent an exam room from a true medical professional.

In January, 2003 Play Doctor acquired a small office building with the intention of leasing most of it but retaining a portion of it for himself. He kept 600 square feet of the building and set up the Play Doctor Exam Room:


At the same time, recall that ADULT CHECK had also gotten greedy so Play Doctor had to look for another AVS. This was a bit labor intensive - more than the current webmaster wanted to tackle - so Play Doctor also had to find another webmaster. It so happened that Play Doctor had been discussing another web enterprise with his brother and his brother became the new webmaster.

For several months, the Play Doctor website was left "open" to anybody who wanted to access it. Once again, as had been experienced initially, the compulsive masturbators and freeloaders ran the monthly bill to amounts approaching $1,000 - but, video orders (nor exam inquiries) increased. Not certain which other adult network to explore, Play Doctor decided to make the website an exclusive membership site with a two-tiered level (per week @ $9.95 and monthly @ $19.95) through VEROTEL. Memberships occurred immediately and, within one month, the website was generating as much website revenue as when it was with ADULT CHECK. It seemed that: 1) people did not care about whether they got access to other wesbites for their membership dollar, and; 2) there was not much difference between the number of weekly (46%) or monthly (54%) members - in fact, Play Doctor was surprised that the higher priced monthly membership was slightly (+8%) preferred! No doubt, people saw value in the PLAY DOCTOR product and they were willing to pay for it.

The website "NationWideCuties" [NWC - a non-nude bikini & lingerie website] was launched in February 2003, with the photo studio being located adjacent to the exam room in the newly acquired building. Although NWC would be a separate enterprise, models would be offered the additional opportunity to be in Play Doctor photo and video shoots. Given what they had seen on the Internet, both Play Doctor and his brother were surprised and disappointed that finding attractive models just to do bikini & lingerie modeling was extremely difficult. To this day, they don't know what the "secret" is. Anyhow, three of the NWC models agreed to do a Play Doctor photo shoot (Brenda, Nikki, and Toni):

After Play Doctor had done two photo shoots with Tiffany (a Sandra Bullock look-a-like), he decided that it was time to put the exam room to use for a video. Tired of seeing other productions where patients were dressed like show girls and speculums were inserted improperly (the handle goes down), and also needing a "training video" for those who were asking how to play doctor, the video How To Play Doctor was produced on September 15, 2003. Dr. Rick was there to film it and Play Doctor had managed to retain the services of a board certified physician to narrate and offer technical comment! Tiffany was a great model patient (she, too, taking her very first enema). Is this what the market wanted - a PLAY DOCTOR video "done right". The video cost $1,536 to produce. Sales have been limited to 23 copies at an average sale price of $72.57 with a net profit of $133. Although this is the last of, and most recent, PLAY DOCTOR video(s), sales are on par with the other videos; it seems as though sales are strong for the first year following a video's release and then they occur occasionally thereafter with one year generally needed to break-even.

TIFFANY (L) from the first Play Doctor Photo Shoot and SANDRA BULLOCK (R) from the movie Gunshy. Don't you think they look like sexy nurse sisters? Play Doctor referred to Tiffany as "Sandra Bullock's ugly sister" but then he saw her ugly sister in People magazine!

Over time, Play Doctor had managed to make the acquaintance of - and become friends with - Mistress Fawn, a professional dominatrix. They worked together and many of the more recent pictures and video clips shown on her website were photo/videographed by Play Doctor. Although Mistress Fawn has a variety of interests, and she is quite skilled at what she does, one of the areas in which she excels is that of "medical". While she is looking to expand and develop her website, she is also available for private sessions to a select number of individuals. She maintains very nice facilities [her "lairs"] in Baltimore MD and Houston TX. Contact her through her website.

It turned out that Mistress Fawn was also looking for female models and experiencing her share of problems, too, in securing "good talent". But, being the dominant female that she is, she would take her cuckolded slaves to strip clubs and have them approach the dancers with this inquiry. Eventually, two females expressed interest and they did photo/video sessions with both Mistress Fawn and Play Doctor:

TIKI was a very willing and easy to work with model. She did a brief shoot with Play Doctor prior to doing a full photo and video shoot with Mistress Fawn (you can see that on Mistress Fawn's website). She needed the money and she was willing to do what it took to earn it. She was ready to take her very first enema on video. Also, she had just celebrated her 21st birthday and her friend gave her a dildo! She had never used one and she agreed to hold off and use it for the very first time while in the stirrups. Unfortunately, Play Doctor and Mistress Fawn lost contact her with her when additional assignments were available.

MORGAN did a great photo and video session with Mistress Fawn and then she came back to Play Doctor's Exam Room for a temperature-taking & speculum photo shoot. She was also fun and easy to work with but she was quickly falling in love with her boyfriend and that presented some complications in the future. Also, she was not anal receptive so a lubricated and gloved finger was about all she was going to take! Nonetheless, the photo shoot went well and Play Doctor got some good pictures. Then, the Golden Pussy Syndrome became obvious when she said, "If you'd pay me more, I'd take it in the ass . . ." She also took a similar approach with Mistress Fawn. Neither Play Doctor or Mistress Fawn were interested in being held hostage by the Golden Pussy Syndrome - either you were interested or you weren't!

Finally, an acquaintance that Play Doctor had made on the west coast referred a model to him named Brittany. She was a graduate student working her way through school and he had made contact with her through one of her personal website endeavors (now not operating). Primarily money motivated, she agreed to do a temperature-taking photo shoot with special emphasis on the use of the Filac Electronic Digital Thermometer (provided by Play Doctor's west coast associate). She was pleasant, level-headed, easy to work with, and anal erotic with an expressed interest in spanking, too! Play Doctor thought that there would definitely be more work with this girl but she "vanished" and did not respond to any further attempts to contact her. That was a shame, so it just has to be chalked up to "fun while it lasted".

That's about all for now, but keep checking back for updates as Play Doctor has additional thoughts to share.

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Is it Medical Fantasy or Medical Fetish? You decide.

FANTASY - An imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need. An unrealistic or improbable supposition.

FETISH - Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification.

Play Doctor offered this "official response" when asked whether PLAY DOCTOR videos and photos were "pornographic": By the strict legal definition, does a PLAY DOCTOR video “appeal to one’s prurient interests” (i.e., that interest which is a shameful and morbid interest in nudity, sex, or excretion – 230 N. E. 2d 241, 250)? Is it, therefore, “obscene” (i.e., appealing to the prurient interest of the average person, using contemporary community standards, and lacking serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value)? Based upon this perspective, the objective answer would be “NO” and only the most subjective of critiques could argue otherwise. Nonetheless, the definition provided at The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition defines pornography as “sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal”. Is the primary purpose of PLAY DOCTOR videos to cause sexual arousal or to satisfy a “fetish” which, in turn (and secondarily) may cause sexual arousal? Could it be argued that it is the scenario and the medical fantasy role-play that causes any sexual arousal or gratification and not the “material object or a nonsexual part of the body” as provided in the definition. MAYBE THEY ARE “EROTIC”? – Right from the halls of Princeton University we find a definition that says, “giving sexual pleasure; sexually arousing.” Oh no! This comes close to satisfying the requirement of being pornographic, by definition [above]. At this point, are we not led to continue considering the primary purpose for which the video is made and for which it is viewed? Whatever the determination, it is the participants (model) who must be comfortable participating in scenarios that are shown in PLAY DOCTOR videos. While the ultimate goal is to produce excellent medical fantasy/medical fetish videos regardless of their legal classification, it is also important that they are produced in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which everybody has fun. Of course, now under the current environment introduced by Señor Gonzales, all of that has come to an end! Thank you.




All models on our site are 18 years of age or older. PLAY DOCTOR fully complies with the 18 USC 2257 requirement.